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Sinhgad Dental College and Hospital
Courses offered
  1. Able to identify preconscious and cancerous lesions of the oral cavity and refer to the concerned specialty fir their management
  2. Should have an adequate knowledge about common laboratory investigations and interpretation of their results.
  3. Should have adequate knowledge about medial complications that can arise while treating systematically compromised patients and take prior precautions/ consent from the concerned medical specialist.
  4. Have adequate knowledge about radiation health hazards, radiations safety and protection
  5. Competent to take intra- oral radiographs and interpret the radiographic findings
  6. Gain adequate knowledge of various extra oral radiographic procedures, TMJ radiography and sialography.
  7. Be aware of the importance of intra – and oral radiographs in forensic identification and age estimation.
  8. Should be familiar with jurisprudence, ethics and understand the significance of dental records with respect to law.
  1. Able to instill a position attitude and behavior in children towards oral health and understand the principles of prevention and preventive dentistry right from birth to adolescence.
  2. Able to guide and counsel the parents in regards to various treatment modalities including different facets of preventive dentistry,
  3. Able to treat dental diseases occurring in child patient.
  4. Able to manage the physically and mentally challenged disabled children effectively and efficiently, tailored to the needs of individual requirement and conditions.
  1. Understand about normal growth and development of facial skeleton and dentition.
  2. Pinpoint oberrations in growth process both dental and skeletal and plan necessary treatment.
  3. Diagnosis the various malocclusion categories
  4. Able to motivate and explain to the patient (and parent) about the necessity of treatment
  5. Plan and execute preventive orthodontics (space maintainces or space regaines)
  6. Plan and execute interceptive orthodontics (habit breaking appliances)
  7. Manage treatment of simple malocclusion such as anterior spacing using removable appliances.
  8. Handle delivery and activation of removable orthodontic appliances
  9. Diagnosis and appropriately refer patients with complex malocclusion to the specialist.
  1. Diagnose the patients periodontal problem, plan and perform appropriate periodontal treatment
  2. Competent to educate and motivate the patient
  3. Competent to perform through oral prophylaxis, sub gingival scaling, root planning and minor periodontal surgical procedures
  4. Give proper treatment instructions and do periodic recall and evaluation
  5. Familiar with concepts of osseointegration and basic surgical aspects of Implantology


  1. Able to understand and use various dental materials
  2. Competent to carry out treatment of conventional complete and partial removable dentures and fabricate fixed partial denture
  3. Able to carry out treatment of routine Prosthodontics procedures
  4. Familiar with concepts of osseointegration and the value of implant- supported Prosthodontics procedures


  1. Competent to diagnose all carious lesions
  2. Competent to perform class 1 and class II cavities and their restoration with amalgam
  3. Restore class V and class III cavities with glass ionomer cement
  4. Able to diagnose and appropriately treat pulpally involved teeth (pulp capping procedures)
  5. Able to perform RCT for anterior teeth
  6. Competent to carry out small composite restorations
  7. Understand the principles of aesthetic dental procedures


  1. Able to apply the knowledge gained in the basic medical and clinical subjects in the management of patients with surgical problems
  2. Able to diagnose, manage and treat patients with basic oral surgical problems
  3. Have a broad knowledge of Maxillofacial surgery and oral Implantology
  4. Should be familiar with legal, ethical and moral issues pertaining to the patient care and communication skills
  5. Should have acquired the skill to examine any patient with an oral surgical problem in an orderly manner
  6. Understand and practice the basic principles of asepsis and sterilisation
  7. Should be competent in the extraction of the teeth under both local and general anaesthesia
  8. Competent to carry out certain minor oral surgical procedures under LA liketrans- alveolar extraction, frenectomy, dento alveolar procedure simple impaction, biopsy, etc.
  9. Competent to assess, prevent and manage common complications that arise during and after minor oral surgery
  10. Able to provide primary care and manage medical emergencies in the dental office
  11. Familiar with the management of major oral surgical problems and principles involved in the in – patient management.


  1. Apply the principles of health promotion and disease prevention
  2. Have knowledge of the organization and provision of health care in community and in the hospital service
  3. Have knowledge of the prevalence of common dental conditions in India
  4. Have knowledge of community based preventive measures
  5. Have knowledge of the social, cultural and env. Factors, which contribute to health or illness.
  6. Administer and hygiene instructions, topical fluoride therapy and fissure sealing.
  7. Educate patients concerning the aetiology and prevention of oral disease and encourage them to assure responsibility for their oral health. 


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Sinhgad Dental College and Hospital
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